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      With the ability to easily collect allergens, dust and dirt, area rugs require a much deeper treatment than simply vacuuming. There’s no better way to renew your carpet than contacting VIVID FLOORS, your area rug cleaning specialist.

      Area Rug Cleaning and Care

      Traditional, improper cleaning methods can ruin delicate rugs. Improper cleaning can damage fibers, bleed colors and leave a messy residue.

      VIVID FLOORS uses a guarded  and effective treatment with Empowered Water as part of our rug cleaning services. This system only employs clean and safe chemicals towards the rugs. The VIVID FLOORS method is fast, safe, non-toxic even GREEN.

      Your area rug will look beautiful again! The VIVID FLOORS area rug cleaning system is Platinum Rated by CRI -the Carpet and Rug Institute.

      Using the VIVID FLOORS patented cleaning system to clean your rugs will:

      • delicate fibers will be left unharmed as VIVID FLOORS uses a non-toxic, safe cleaning method.
      • Drying speed for the rug is much faster; Your rug will usable within hours of cleaning.
      • Restore color to your rugs.
      • The use of GREEN technology protects your rug and your environment.

      Choose VIVID FLOORS for the best rug cleaning service in 757!