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Restorative Hardwood Cleaning

Cleaning your hardwood floors can be a difficult task. A challenge that your mop and broom are just not up for! They can only move the dirt and grime around. They’re not built to extract unseen, ground-in dirt. Avoid getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing till your back aches. Instead, rely on Vivid Floors to do the heavy lifting. We’ll extract the dirt deep within the cracks and crevices of your hardwood floor.

For hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing, we use a sand-less, rotary method and vacuum extraction for complete cleaning without the dust of typical systems. After cleaning with our advanced formula and process we also condition and seal the floors. This is done with state of the art coatings and sealants. They provide long lasting luster and depth of the wood grain. We finish the process by buffing the floor to a consistent finish. Don’t just refinish your floors, but revitalize them. Contact Vivid Floors today for a quick quote.

Vivid Floors cleaned and coated my hardwood floors as well as the tile in my kitchen. Neither floors have never looked better! I am completely impressed with the quality and professionalism at Vivid Floors, I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for 5 star service. —Angela Menichino

7 Reasons Why We Should Be Your Floor Cleaners:

1. We Customize Cleaning Solutions for Each Application
2. Patented Floor Cleaning Technology
3. We Do Not Use Harmful Chemicals (Good for kids/pets)
4. Our Rotary Steam Process Removes Dirt, Grime, Oil, Odor & Bacteria
5. We Use EPA & Environmentally Considered Solutions
6. IICRC and The Master’s Touch Certified!
7. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee